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There is a place in the great Appalachian Mountains, where ancient rivers and untamed nature reign, where the past comes alive in historic homes and businesses, where arts and culture thrive and flourish. That place is called Asheville, and it is waiting.


Welcome. Welcome to one of the world’s best, most vibrant, most lively cities. To Frommer’s pick for 2015’s #1 U.S. travel destination. To one of Travel + Leisure’s top 20 most romantic fall getaways. To an Outside Magazine best choice for vibrant cultural scenes and outdoor spirit. To one of’s top 10 foodie cities. Welcome to Asheville, a superlative city with superlative offerings.


At POP Rentals, we believe in highly customized hospitality grounded in professionalism and local culture. For Asheville property owners, that means personalized reservations management and marketing solutions. For travelers to Asheville, we believe your vacation should be everything you wish it to be – an experience perfectly curated for your tastes and preferences.


So let's get started. Who are you? 

I'm planning an Asheville vacation       


I own a vacation rental property



Did you know that, on average, vacation rental owners spend an 8.4 hours per week marketing and managing their vacation rental properties?


I certainly didn’t, at least not when I took on my first rental. I had no idea that vacation rental management could be such a time-consuming – and fulfilling – endeavor.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning: Hi, I’m Sarah Nie, the founder and president of POP Rentals and Consulting, Inc. Originally from Columbus, IN, I made my way to Purdue University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Management.


On my own in the real world, I surrendered to the allure of the south, with its warm climate, natural beauty and landscapes ripe for exploration. As a novice musician and huge music fan, Asheville’s creative community was the cherry on top of the area’s outdoor offerings – I had found the home my heart craved.


I spent a few years in the nonprofit and public sector, working as an environmental educator and outdoor instructor, and later, as an environmental health specialist. Then, the Great Recession hit – hard. After a soulless and unfulfilling stint in cell phone sales, opportunity (and fate) knocked: I was offered the chance to manage a historic Smoky Mountains vacation rental.


Suffice it to say, the vacation rental management bug bit – and never let go. After all, here I am, years later, managing not just one but more than a dozen vacation homes. Because while some might find the long hours too many, while some might find vacation rental management and marketing tedious, while some might not enjoy attending to inquiries and coordinating reservations and responding to emails and answering guests’ questions, I do. I love it, in fact.


Over these past 7 years, I’ve had the chance to hone my skills, immersing myself in the industry, learning everything I can about vacation rental management, and fine-tuning my skills. And falling deeper and deeper in love with Asheville.


POP Rentals, is the result of that experience: a local, laser-focused and highly personal approach to Asheville vacation rental management. I am so proud and privileged to call this my career – to be able to work with dedicated property owners, passionate Asheville vacationers, and all the people, places and sights that make Asheville one of the most popular destinations in the country.


So that’s my story. What’s yours?  Get in touch today , and let’s chat. I’m looking forward to it!